The girls confront Tae-kwon, demanding to know where Joon-hyung really is. All I got to say is SWAG! =). LOL but very true. I wholeheartedly agree with Lollypip how much this show is teaching is to appreciate our family. Ugh, what will I do without them every week?!? And the chemistry is sometimes way too real for us to ignore, right right ?, Thank you :) Looking at LSK/NJH cry during the wrap up I again shed tears :'( How much should they have loved working on the show that they were sad like the viewers to see it end Twisted Movie 2018, Turkey Travel Restrictions For Tourists, Anne Fausto-sterling Quotes, Alistair Barclay Harvard, Stuart Binny Ipl Team 2019, Longwood Women's Basketball Coaching Staff, Morningstar Investment Portfolio, Sabah Population 2019,