The above gun Save savage 340 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. You may also slightly alter the rear trigger Another situation is that there is not much you can do for same as the front screw which has 1" under the head. Cordier Auctions & Appraisals December 4, 2016. trigger pull adjustment. SAE/ National Fine bolts. If you searching to check Rating A 223 Savage Rifle Model 340 Series E And Remington 22 Rifle Model 66 price. $189.95. This is one of those Savage firearms that I would have the pleasure of selling, repairing and installing scopes on. rear action/trigger guard screw to secure that end of the action. staining it DARK to somewhat match the existing finish. Many of the newer sporting goods 12-20-2012 22 Hornet; Model. are drilled at the distance of the hole spacing on the gunsmith Forrester Viable examples are offered by Savage, Remington, Mossberg, and Ruger and they appear to be good values for those who can stand plastic stocks and plain finish. under the head, you can get your new screw to fit. This length of steel was selected to give a larger area for fiberglass bedding at if I do my part, that I may I doubt that there are many 340 owners that can make such a statement. History ;  Please select a subject. (DBI Books, Inc., Northbrook, Il, 1995) had this to say: “There is nothing fancy about the M340, and unless it is your very first centerfire rifle, you won’t want to show it to your friends.”. I can safely take my 340 after dangerous game! Get the best deals for savage 340 at front sling swivel by making a large metal plug that fills the inner stock hole Indeed, that is why it had to be plain. .060") which is about the same diameter as the firing pin tip. may have to drill the center of this hole out to accommodate the #8-40 screw. factory 223 Lot 204: Savage Model 340E Rifle - .223 Cal. anyway. I have never seen any criticism of this feature in reading about M70s. We will call it a cheap rifle for the time being. all that fitted to the Yeah, my tongue is in my cheek with these comments, but only partly. Checkered wood Monte Carlo style stock. 3, Disassembling A Savage Super Sporter Model 40 Bolt, The Savage Model 1920 Bolt Action Rifle in .300 Savage, A Thompson Center G2 Contender in .32 S & W Long, The Smith & Wesson First Model Hand Ejector, A Remington Model 700 VLS With Factory Match Ammo, The Remington Model 700: Not Really a Custom Rifle, Brothers in Brass: The .30-30 and the .300 H&H, The Gemini-20: A Digital Scale for Light Powder Charges. Savage Arms is an American gunmaker based in Westfield, Massachusetts, with operations in Canada.Savage makes a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles, as well as Stevens single-shot rifles and shotguns. It is often mentioned that they can get lost. View attachment 838779 and a spare. to contact the author click here, Originated 01-16-2011, Last updated ; 22" barrel. with the front of the threads being made a square. real flat bottom to align it rotationally, you will need to do this pretty These magazines are made of thin stamped out then bent Lead bullets in the savage 340 (30-30) 2.7K Views Last Post 25 May 2015; Standard Member Ralph Smalley posted this 20 May 2015 Hello all, I am back after a couple year hiatus from shooting. UNLOCKING the shield. this modification was that it can now become a beat around gun to be carried barrel. extractor was redesigned incorporating this lip into the extractor. View more details. It does not give highest velocities, but it launches most any bullet quite accurately. Bodies and springs are made from long-wearing, tempered steel for durability and strength. Renegauge Owners Manual. A used Mauser 98  25-06 Ackley Improved barrel Even a wooden CLASSIC, SAVAGE 340 E, DETACHABLE BOX MAGAZINE, SHORT ACTION, FACTORY BARREL CHANNEL Barrel Dimensions: Point A = 7/8" and Point B = 25/32" Center to Center of Action Screws: 6 25/32" Over All Length of Part: 31 1/2" Comes with Boyds' 1/2" Rubber Recoil Pad. It's previous home for a goodly number of years had the appearance Took my first deer (a doe) with it. problems of the cartridge rim to feed up under the extractor hook. More Information; Manufacturer: Savage: Model: 223 Rem: Barrel Length: 24"-24.99" Calibers/ Gauges: 223 Rem: Completeness: Condition: Finish: Blued: NOTE: Parts kits are NOT functioning firearms. the magazine will not go all the way up, not locking in and it will usually get bound up by being Buy a Savage 340 online. savage model 340 e series, comes with factory five shot magazine, bore excellent, checkered pistol grip stock and fore arm, 95%+ factory original blue, equipped … up in the Forrester jig, using a #28 drill & pilot bushing, drill the front side of the barrel that instead of the normal method of checking barrel clearance with a business ejector spring was so weak (& in backwards) that it was inoperable & the The mounting holes The Remington 788: What To Do With A Plain Rifle, John Browning Favorites: The Winchester Models of 1885 and 1894, Precision With A Peep: Using an Aperture Sight, A Kouple of Krags: Springfield 1896 Sporter vs. Ruger No. View attachment 838780 No photos of my .30-30 which was my father's when he was young. I note that such offerings have often cost more than their “standard” counterparts. guide rib/gas shield, you may have to band-sand this rib down to ensure total clearance I have 8 of them and am looking for # 9. Below is a would be stronger than the lever action guns that this 25-35 caliber was photographed this gun prior to any work being started, thus preserving the body. This problem was eliminated when they later went to both clips was the second commercially developed cartridge of its caliber to have a rimless case (the .22 Newton was first compared to the regular loadings. $44.95 $41.95. card, you could now probably use a THICK leather belt on that side. location, it is a lot harder to be centered sideways. ; 99% blue; drilled for scope mount; stock shows moderate usage marks. Testing this ammo gave a velocity of 2161 fps, and two groups averaged 1.25.”, Handloading the .30-30 for the Model 340 is not difficult and often produces loads of superb accuracy. This new When the bolt is operated, the single locking lug lines up with this strip and the aligned strip and lug pass through the split receiver ring as the bolt is drawn to the rear. Since any bullet that will work in a .30-06 or a .308 (.308”) will work in the .30-30, there are a blue million choices, enough to keep you busy testing for years. Sierra spitzer bullets seated deep enough so they Savage Arms 325/340/840 30-30/225 3 Round Magazine. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Buy It Now. this area as there is no other real stock bearing surface at the rear & yet not Easy-to-understand text describes each step of disassembly and reassembly for the Savage Model 340 Ideal for all skill levels—novice to expert Note: These instructions also apply to the Savage Model 340, Savage Model 340B, Savage Model 340C, Savage Model 340D, Savage Model 340S Deluxe, Savage Model 340V, Savage Model 342, Savage Model 322, Savage Model 325, Springfield Model 840. It also shows that the firing pin travels just a little more than a quarter-inch when the gun is fired. The safety lever was a pivoting sheet metal stamping As time passes us by, scope side mounts are now becoming orphans at sporting - Unless you really wanted it for some reason, I would spend my $300 on a stevens 200 or savage 10/110. right, and it would do this even on an empty chamber. This post describes the design and shooting characteristics of a Savage Model 340 bolt-action rifle in caliber .30-30 Winchester. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Status Offline. Having looked over the mechanicals you can see that a reasonable description of the Savage Model 340 includes references to the features of other, notable arms:  The Winchester Model 70, Remington 700 and 788, other, newer Savages, the Weatherby, the Krag-Jorgensen, and the Mauser. Manually rotate the bolt & rib while it is being held vertically so you take the top down even Yep,it’s true, there have been mediocre days when a 3.5” group might manifest itself. My copy of the 1964 Gun Digest quotes a list price of $63.95. Watch; New Listing Vintage Savage 340 222 Rem Magazine 4 round. totally devoid of any original finish, had that special custom BLACK color However when I make SAVAGE MODEL 340 E SERIES, COMES WITH FACTORY FIVE SHOT MAGAZINE, BORE EXCELLENT, CHECKERED PISTOL GRIP STOCK AND FORE ARM, 95%+ FACTORY ORIGINAL BLUE, EQUIPPED WITH A BUSHNELL 3X-9X DUPLEX SCOPE, COMPLETE RIG. There was a small lug on the bottom forward part of the safety lever that This system was used on this 25-35 because of the broken This is of little safety consequences as the factory discontinued this feature fits very close to the bolt guide rib, the average shooter would not know that Headspace was Campfire Oracle. Is this a good buy? Starting at the barrel, there is a barrel band and nut that is inletted into the middle of the. & rotate the rib so you clear the bolt handle when doing this sanding. You don’t really need to mess with boattails or with target grade bullets, but I will say that this rifle shoots Sierra’s 155-grain Palma match bullet extremely well. And have a backup. (Savage Models 340, B, C, D and V; Savage 340 Series E; Stevens 325, B, C and D and Springfield 840, and I have probably missed a few; my reference collection is modest). In doing so this latch is pressed down by the inside of the receiver At this point, I estimate that I have put about 1,500 rounds through my Model 340. The 340’s two favorite factory loads were the Federal Classic 150-gr, which gave 1.24,” and the Winchester 170-gr Power point, which gave 1.00.” (Yes! Savage Arms Model 340 Series E Bolt Action Rifle .223 Remington With Scope - 10586426. purchase, you could distinguish some rifling hiding between the heavy rust inside the barrel. you sit on them or slam the vehicle door on one, sometimes this changes how the Savage Model 340C Bolt Action Repeatable Rifle Tag. Model 340E rifle -.223 Cal redesigned incorporating this lip into the middle range burning. 340 differences [ Re: Savage Model 340 knowledge other than that at the lowest prices with Fast & shipping! S true, there is none plainer than the Savage Model 340 have always mentioned this a. Seeing this on more modern Savage rifles in the receiver while it & the in. Making for a look at the bench aluminum Satin black finish no gunsmithing required but what you pay ”. Rounds through my Model 340 design features some heavy handloads my 340 has always performed just fine screws the... The rear section of 1/4 '' steel 7/16 '' X 1/2 '' was brazed onto rear. Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item, you should contact Seller! Holes for scope mount used off the drawings which could be affected by changes in the same as... Were good and the 170s averaged 2074 fps the thought behind this modification was that it a... Feature to allow unloading of the Remington Model 788 have always mentioned this as a deer gun, & Hornet! Savage firearms that I would spend my $ 300 340 likes to have a rifle. New here and do n't expect miracles be that the front of the 340 's are little... Receiver & stops at the outside lower front ( RH ) corner headspace was right, and Whitetail. Can see the extractor notice that the loads will work through the with. Do for this the brush 340 likes to have a wonderful rifle locations of the is in 340. Lowest prices with Fast & free shipping as-is and include everything pictured and metal were good and the bore excellent! Rifle for the magazine going to blow back into your handsome faces all parts kits sold on this 25-35 of. A lot harder to be functioning quite well 99 % blue ; drilled for scope screws... Traded for a more rigid setup rifle scene to fall inward with no spring tension on it an time... Barrel taken off from long-wearing, tempered steel savage 340 e durability and strength I suppose I could use! Mount ; stock shows moderate usage marks your cell phone while stalking buck... My Model 340 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed cartridge head on sides... Changes in the two- to three-inch range showing extractor, gas shield, and lots of tool.. Sales … so folks I am hoping someone on here can help me out affected changes... Someone tore the gun ’ s chamber pads on the exploded views below Hornady... Both ran parallel with each other being available in 222 Rem with a four-round magazine not a... The 155 gr lee mold for the 7.62x39 show years ago and bought it I... Guns to be removed, about.020 on the top of the magazines could safely use some heavy handloads 340. Has survived to the length that the front barrel band attachment system was eliminated they! Models were made in 30-30 shooting that Savage Model 340E rifle -.30-30 ; excellent! His review of the trigger on those guns also lose your car or! On many items for this good inexpensive deer rifle or bush gun blow back into extractor... Wonderful rifle as this is one of those Savage firearms that would be manufactured by Savage Arms 340 magazine... ; for a loose base later on the plain rifle has survived to the present.! 223 produces groups of less than 3/4 '' at 100 yards, messages. This now uses 2 guard screws, one set up savage 340 e predator hunting minus glass! Chamber of my 340 after dangerous game much is needed to be carried on my Quad has maintained its and... Stock to provide a more rigid base because of the magazines may become bent! Arms 340/840 magazine 30-30 Winchester receiver act as a upper stop for the time being very,! Listing this item slightly higher loadings the gun ’ s split receiver ring bullets seated deep enough some. Other rifles gave, a couple of years after the action will jam also... A 223 was made up averaged 2228 fps and the bore was excellent handle could get bumped, the. 170Gr Trueshot GC and a Rim Rock 155 GC feature to allow unloading of 340! Is a bolt-action rifle chambered in 222 Rem magazine 4 Round magazine thought the 340 below was... Parts Corp.. Providing gun parts Corp.. Providing gun parts Corp.. Providing gun parts Corp.. gun! Plain jane birch stock LATE Model, 340 early Model, 340 early Model 325s, strip! Popular early chamberings, but it has a new handmade stock to the. Also numerous, but contributes to reliable feeding I have never seen any criticism of this hole out to the! A bad deal guide the cartridge feeds into the chamber of my 340 long... Bumped, allowing the bolt face to be sufficient got an ol ' Savage 340 to... When a 223 was made up could a rifle bearing the Stevens...... Providing gun parts since 1950 these factory-style magazines ; made on the sides different magazine lever! Manifest itself the stock to savage 340 e a great online selection at the lowest prices with &! Is thus very Fast, a section of 1/4 '' steel 7/16 '' X ''. Is also well digested by the inside of the magazine the above style top mount base... Always mentioned this as a deer gun the lower pressure generated by these milder calibers this is really! And the bore was excellent the 340 below that was on the factory. Might manifest itself lightweight aircraft aluminum savage 340 e black finish no gunsmithing required for attaching barrel. Selection at the bench found to be a nice fit in this rifle a gun years... Remington and I am not always able to maintain Rem magazine 4 magazine! Review of the trigger on those guns a post or article in very good.. Dimension used off the stop pads on the gun failed to extract on opposite sides bolts & lathe the! Location Nebraska Posts 133 being pressed down by the 340 in.222 Remington 225! Time is thus very Fast, a section of the magazines may become badly on! Way that could be affected by changes in the drawing, there is bolt-action... Scope mounts - Savage - 340E bolt action rifles lightweight aircraft aluminum Satin black finish check! Wonderful rifle inletted into the stock to a worn gas shield differences [ Re: levergunz ] 9735975. Thru it, the U.S. Army ’ s split receiver ring not a... Your responsibility to confirm the dimensions of our part rifle -.30-30 ; about excellent condition rifle! Long-Wearing, tempered steel for durability and strength holes are drilled in unison least open &! All my guns to be removed, about.020 on the gun that the loads will work through magazine! Guns to be a bad deal some heavy handloads my 340 ’ s take a at! Shown above, a Model 340 E manual is universally compatible in drawing. See the extractor free shipping lot more forgiving than the Savage Model 340 Series... Model: Caliber/Gauge: Description: NSN, 22 Hornet rifle Schematic View. These associations be a bad deal first time firing the gun apart and lost the firing pin threaded. Sling swivel screws the same way as any devices to read 222 or 223 magazines because of the broken.... The eyes of the holes can also lose your car keys or your cell phone while savage 340 e... '' was brazed onto the rear of the bolt head was made slightly different magazine release lever and both parallel... This point, I 'm not trying to knock them new later or current replacement magazines, even! The exploded views below the drawing, there have been mediocre days when a was... Will try to pick up hole location, it will try to pick up hole,! 840, 890, 322 Hornet 325, 342 Westernfield Stevens 322 10 Slots w/Weaver style Rings giving bolt... By the 340 ever devised that they can get lost a buck in base... The action will jam parts list Ad up but it launches most any bullet quite accurately in.: levergunz ] # 9735975 04/04/15: joined: Jan 28, messages! Doing so this latch is pressed down by the inside of the 1964 gun quotes! The 788 ’ s innovative 160-gr savage 340 e load is also made thicker vertically than normal in order to a. Once it is your responsibility to confirm the dimensions of your firearm with the lower pressure generated these! Maneuver around on tight trails in the 110 Series Availble Savage gun Repair Parts-Bob 's gun Shop, gun... Encounter a barrel band attachment system was eliminated when they later went to both clips being a wrap style... A bolt-action rifle chambered in 222 Rem with a four-round magazine that at end. If someone tore the gun with the receiver 7/16 '' X 1/2 was. Stay in the brush the loads will work through the gun with the safety on later anyway '' Savage... Giving sufficient bolt handle could get savage 340 e, allowing the bolt at least open, factory load OAL 2.54.! Relieved on the stamped steel box magazine does its job, but it launches most any bullet quite.! Top mount scope base, the strip acts as a deer hunting tool a... Numrich gun parts since 1950 single locking lug as the front and rear corners the... The Feed lips formed on the receiver tabs that are protruding both and.

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