Q. Mike: I recall you once did a pro-moss piece. 5 environmental benefits of moss gardening by Timber Press on September 9, 2015 in Gardening, Popular The Magical World of Moss Gardening author Annie Martin makes the case for going green with mosses. It's also much better for our environment." There are many reasons to grow a moss garden or moss lawn. I have deep shade from mature Pines and maples and some moss already growing successfully in my sandy-ish soil. The Unexpected Benefits Of Moss Gardening October 28, 2019 August 29, 2019 PlantsandBeyond ~ While we all want to ensure a beautiful garden, or simply bring the therapeutic benefits of plant life into our lives via houseplants or window boxes, many of us are unaware that our green thumbs may need a bit of help. Information is becoming available in this area as scientists are beginning to research potential fungal issues regarding cultivated moss growth. By planting mosses instead of a grass lawn, you can help reduce air pollution. Most people don’t even know what scarifying a lawn is never mind the benefits it will have for the grass on your lawn. Where a lawn won't grow, plant moss—no mowing, no fussing, no problem. If your lawn looks unhealthy, has patchy grass, looks like it is mostly moss or even if it has drainage issues and you want to sort it out, this is why you should look into scarifying your lawn. As moss gardeners, we do need to be aware of problems and troubleshooting protocols. But I need some help; there's lots of conflicting moss advice on-line, especially about fertilizer. Moss lawns instead of grass save on water, time and fertilizer. Benefits of Peat Moss. Given all these benefits, it’s no wonder that moss lawns are increasingly popular with our friends on the other side of the pond, and maybe one day we will cotton on to their charms here. Peat moss is an absorbent material so it’s ideal for many different garden uses, such as creating fertile soil and helping plants grow faster and healthier. Thanks. The Ecological Benefits of Moss. Lilly Miller Moss Out! Peat moss offers numerous advantages and benefits to gardeners who wish to make their plants thrive. Moss is nature’s natural carpet and in the right combination of conditions, forms a nice moss lawn alternative to standard turf. We are bombarded with television commercials on how to go green in our gardens—but most of the time, environmentally unfriendly methods are… Mosses have no flowers, seeds, or roots. On the aesthetic side, they give the garden an aged look, as if … Where a lawn won't grow, plant moss—no mowing, no fussing, no problem. “A moss lawn is not totally carefree, but it’s not nearly as much work as a conventional lawn. It lowers your weekly work requirements since moss lawns don’t need to … I want a solid and secure full-moss lawn; green growth that I won't have to mow. You get the idea. Moss plants have survived for a long time here on earth without harming the environment. Moss Lawns Instead of Grass. For Lawns Concentrate; Lilly Miller Hose N Go Moss Out for Lawns RTS; 6) Another moss control option is the use of copper sulfate or ferrous (iron) sulfate mixed at the rate of 5 ounces in 4 gallons of water sprayed over 1000 square feet. The benefits of mosses are aesthetic and practical. The stuff practically grows on trees. Martin’s company, Mountain Moss in Pisgah Forest, NC, has installed moss lawns as large as 1500 square feet at Camp Merrie-Woode in Sapphire, NC. Actually it does, as well as steps, rocks, wheelbarrows, etc. Amid a plethora of benefits that you can acquire from a moss lawn, its abilities to act as bioindicator and environmental protectionist are simply unparalleled.

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